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Day by Day-Steps to Growing Your Business

What would your business look like if you made even minor changes to how you think and do business so that you can grow your business? It’s not how much you do in your day, it’s what you do in that day that can make or break your business.

Growing your business can be broken down into easy, doable, bite-sized activities. It’s simply about focusing on what matters.   Do you rely on your ‘self-control,’ so that you choose the correct activity or can you ‘discipline’ yourself to make the correct choices? (more…)

What makes a good salesperson?

What is a salesperson?  Everyone who has something to sell, does customer service, makes something for someone, produces something, supports an effort-on & on!  It’s about passion and goals.

Do you know what your number one goal is?  Is it to be the number one Wedding Photographer in New Orleans or do you want to be the Top Wedding Dress designer in Florida?  Is it to be ‘really good’ on the phone answering questions for a reception location?  Usually when you start a new job or business, you want to be the best at what you do.

We are all in sales in one way or another.  The attributes we should strive for are:  Perseverance and patience with a willingness to make a decision to succeed and stick to it attitude! (more…)


Chris Evans-Bridal Business Boot Camp

Chris Evans-Bridal Business Boot Camp

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