Supporting the Bridal Business Industry

What is a salesperson?  Everyone who has something to sell, does customer service, makes something for someone, produces something, supports an effort-on & on!  It’s about passion and goals.

Do you know what your number one goal is?  Is it to be the number one Wedding Photographer in New Orleans or do you want to be the Top Wedding Dress designer in Florida?  Is it to be ‘really good’ on the phone answering questions for a reception location?  Usually when you start a new job or business, you want to be the best at what you do.

We are all in sales in one way or another.  The attributes we should strive for are:  Perseverance and patience with a willingness to make a decision to succeed and stick to it attitude!

When you start in the Wedding industry, you think, ‘I’m really good at this ….’ I can make a business from this.’ Or, ‘I’d like to work for ……’ (top wedding designer,) or ‘I could be a great receptionist at the front counter.’

To be the ‘best’ at anything, you have to ‘choose’ those attributes.   When you accept that style of thinking…you get  a zest for your business, more enthusiasm for what you do—which will empower you to persevere!

A great deal of optimism and ‘future-mindedness,’ must go into your ‘sales attitude.’   Do you have FAITH in what you are doing?  That’s optimistic.

I have watched my husband, Chris Evans, ‘sell’ his way through life.  He delights in it!  Chris gets up in the morning, with an ‘optimistic’ attitude (and yes….we’ve gone through hard times) however, he CHOOSES to his attitude.  He writes his goals down and places them around where he can see them.  Whatever he does he AIMS for passion & excellence.  He has realized that with the Lord’s help, ‘he chooses courage over fear daily.’   What does that do when he tries to sell something?  Turns it into something exciting, worthy, great!

For all of us, its a day to day learning experience.  Stop looking at the past, enjoy the present and reach for the future in your business.  You can do it!

For more support:  go to for books, CD’s, Newsletters.  Please feel free to inquire about our new ‘Bridal Mobile App’ for smartphones and our ‘Sales Coaching Groups,’ and more.

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