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Bridal trade shows and exhibitions are a great way of getting your service out there to the new ‘brides-to-be and grooms,’ planning their weddings.

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You need to know what you want before you go in order to get the most out of exhibiting.   It is one form of advertising that is far and above your best source of face-to-face visits from brides.  This type of advertising allows you to meet every bride-to-be in person, build rapport and ask for an opportunity to schedule a more appropriate time to learn more about the vision for her wedding.  (The wedding industry exceeds $ even in this down economy.)

If wedding magazines, newspapers, radio or television could offer what this single form of advertising offers for your business, they would charge you 20 times more that they already do.  In fact, it’s the only form of advertising that allows you to do more than simply wait around for the phone to ring.  Excerpt from the book,’ How To Double Your Wedding Business in 12 Months,‘ by Author & Sales Trainer, Chris Evans. You will need to make sure you attend the right events to match your objectives.

To find a list of ‘professional & highly beneficial Bridal Trade Shows, ‘ go to:

Here are 6 ways your business could benefit from exhibiting at a trade show, and how you can make sure you achieve them.

1. Prepare Ahead of Time

The main benefit of bridal trade shows and events should be that you’ve got a ready-made audience. The people (bride-to-be, grooms, family members) attending are likely to be those most interested in your product or service.  Prepare what you are going to say to these attendees, hand to them to showcase your business, and how you are going to ‘book a presentation’ with them.  A pre-show mailing is very useful and is a feature most promoters can help you with.  Post on your blog, Twitter, Facebook pages. Send out an email to your contacts list letting them know you’re going to be there, with a map of the venue and your location in the hall.

2. Meet Other Vendors

Exhibitions can be really good places to generate new leads and/or referrals from other ‘like-minded’ service companies.  Prior to the show opening (once everyone is set up)  Talk to as many people as you can. Ask your staff to wander round the venue and introduce your company to the other exhibitors. Make sure you take business cards, good literature and a calendar.   Remember, this doesn’t end with the event: follow up.  Send a thank you letter, fliers and more to those you have met.

 3. Build Your Sales Plan & Goals

Before every show, write down a specific number of visits, contacts and new networking partners your expect to generate from the show.  Keep it realistic.  Setting a goal is useless if you know it’s impossible to reach when you set it.  Share your plan with everyone working in your booth, so that they are on the same page as you.   Your literature, booth design and outreach from staff should let attendees know what you do in a glance. Remember to design a ‘qualified message” for your staff to say to every attendee,(sum up your business in 30 seconds or less and asking for a visit).   More information on how to do this is in the book, “How To Double Your Wedding Business in 12 Months,’ by Author Chris Evans, available on Amazon.

4. Move the Table (Booth Design)

Obviously, if you are investing in this trade show, it’s essential to get your name out there. Taking your business to an exhibition ensures you get seen by those you want to be seen by. Make sure your exhibition stand is eye-catching, and that your marketing messages are clear and consistent across your stand, literature, press pack and staff.  Don’t place your table on the edge of your booth and then sit behind it! Is there ever a good reason to have a barrier between you and the prospect?

5.  The Auto-Responder System

An auto-responder is a very cool software program that allows you to enter a series of newsletters, blog, e-mails or informational snippets and then delivers that information to your contacts in whatever order and schedule you choose.  At you will find links to services that provide your with this type of service and more.  By registering through our site, you will receive a discount on most products/services that we promote.

6. Keep It Simple when you showcase your product or service

Don’t cram everything you do or have into the 10 x 10 space!  Make sure your exhibition stand really showcases your product or service. If you’ve got a key product you want to promote, have it placed prominently. Why not offer demonstrations, if a bride does not recognize what you do within 5 seconds of walking by….your design is wrong.  Don’t focus on the features, i.e. what your product or service does. Focus on the benefits, i.e. what it can do for the user. Also, ensure your staff is fully briefed on the product and are comfortable answering questions about it.

More information on ‘how to sell at a Bridal Show’ is available on Amazon: “How To Double Your Wedding Business in 12 Months,’  by expert Chris Evans.

For more information, support, coaching, books and more go to:  We’re ready to help you grow your Wedding business.

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