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What’s a Bridal Show booth supposed to look like?

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OK, in my past….my wife (Rebekah) & I owned the Bridal Expo (when there was only one) in Southern California.  Our largest show was at the incredible Disneyland Hotel — where we usually brought in over 3000+ brides on a weekend event.   Even back then, we hosted ‘Merchant Maximizer Seminars,’ which were educational series all to support the wedding professional.   One of the most anticipated seminars, was the one about ‘How to set up and design the best booth,’ for the show.   (We even gave trophies for the best one!)

Our advice is ‘successful bridal-show booths entice brides-to-be to view your offers, connect on an emotional level with potential clients and stand out from other booths, so you’ll need to make sure that you don’t fill it so full (with all your great items) or leave it empty (so that the bride doesn’t understand what you offer).   It’s  important to note that whether you offer photography services, wedding cakes or customized invitations or wedding registry, you need to use the ‘5 senses,’ and add promotional concepts which can help extend the effect of your bridal show booth for a long time.   We’ve always believed that the best bridal-show booth ideas encourage brides to make on-the-spot decisions to use your services, encourage follow-up after the bridal show and ultimately increase sales and profit.

In our bookHow To Double Your Wedding Business in 12 Months,’ I spend a bit of time going over ideas, suggestions on how to set and display your business.  Most of all, you’ll find tips and techniques on how to SELL to a bride!   As I always say,  “It’s A Bright New Day With Unlimited Possibilities!”  –Chris Evans

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New TED Book: The Science of Optimism

My motto is: ‘Its A Bright New Day With Unlimited Possibilities’ and I try to share that with the ‘wedding business professionals’ that attend our ‘Bridal Business Boot Camps’ around the country! Optimism is FAITH, if you have some… can go far! -Chris Evans, Evans Sales Solutions, LLC

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The world may be a tough and tenuous place, but we humans tend to think that the future will be better than the past. Why? In the new TED ebook, The Science of Optimism: Why We’re Hard-Wired for Hope, author Tali Sharot expands on her earlier research into the optimism bias, and explores the many reasons why we are biologically predisposed to believe the best is yet to come. We imagine our kids will be a success or we’ll find true love and that great job — not because we are naturally positive creatures, but because of the way our frontal cortex communicates with subcortical regions deep in our brain. Not the stuff that pop songs are made of, but fascinating nonetheless. There’s another advantage to walking on the sunny side of the street. Optimism not only makes our lives easier and more pleasant, but can also breed success. “Optimism,”…

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47 Stats for Holiday Marketing in 2012


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