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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed….

and Something Blue. 

In the wedding business this saying comes from the Victorian Era….but I’ve adapted it for 2013 AND for the professional in the Wedding Business!trumpet-mermaid Wedding Dress

Something Old.…what’s working for you right now that has been around for a long time?  Face to face visits!  I realize that it’s extremely easy to stop having those visits with our customers, however, one of the top wants of a bride and groom planning their wedding is…..a relationship.   Let’s look back: remember when the phone call was easier than setting up a time to meet face to face?  How about when the FAX machine was easier to contact the brides than a phone call…..then it moved to ‘the internet and emailing,’ and now it’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn).  However, the BEST OLD something….to close an actual sale, is to meet with your clients again!

Something New….let me hook you into some ideas that are WORKING!  Have you checked out: to create easy videos that help you in your rankings on line, plus are great advertisements for your company?  How about using to get your press releases out in the community or  At Evans Sales Solutions, we just started working with a company that helps you create an entire email follow up and follow through system–that will blow your mind!  We’d be happy to share it with you when you contact us for more information!  Email me: (and ask for the f/u & f/through system)

Something Borrowed.…OK, this make sense to ‘borrow’ from the huge amount of ‘business background’ that our team brings to you.  Have you read the book, ‘How to Double Your Wedding Business in 12 Months?’  or have you attended a ‘Bridal Business Boot Camp,’ that gives you education to grow your wedding business?  Have you signed up for the FREE newsletter, video or ebook to grow your company through our website?  Do it now…  (Register today!)

and Something BLUE.….how about the Ocean?  It’s incredible in Atlantic City!   You are invited to participate in the Bridal Business Academy in May 2013–where you’ll hear from experts in the field of business and the wedding industry!  Sign up early for the discount!  Click here for more information and registration: Bridal Business Academy
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Bridal Business Boot Camp

Next Bridal Business Boot Camp set for DETROIT -Hilton Garden Inn on August 27! Join other wedding professionals to learn more on growing your business.

SMART Rules In Marketing Your Wedding Business

Do you know the steps to marketing your wedding business?  What do you need to put in the box? It’s actually simple:  S.M.A.R.T.

What’s in your Marketing Box?

S:  Be Specific. Don’t be vague in what you are trying to get across to the brides.

M:  Create something that is Measurable.  Determine what the success factor is for that goal.

A:  Are you able to Attain the goal you set up.  Is it something you can accomplish?

R:  When setting up your bridal marketing goals, are they Realistic?

T:  Do you have a Time Frame in which to create and make this goal work?

To guide your wedding business marketing efforts, you need to understand how to take ‘your passion’ in this industry and make it a business that plays to the needs of a bride.   There are several ways to build your company through an ‘Internet Marketing Strategy’ such as:

  • Your website.  Is your website creating desire?
  • SEO:  Search Engine Optimization.  Is your company always striving to be at the top of the search engine?
  • E-newsletters, Blogs:  Does your company create items that make you a star in this industry?
  • Social media: Do you stay on top of your social media, putting your company as the connection providing help to the brides creating a dream wedding?
  • Your Database.  Are you able to collect and add to your database of couples looking to use your company?  Increase your brand circle, by reaching out to those reached out for you!

Tips to help you: 

1) In the book ‘How to Double Your Wedding Business in 12 Months,’ Author Chris Evans, shows you how to break down your goals and set up realistic steps using sales techniques that will support you as you go forward.   

2) ESSText is a marketing technique used to capture your next client by using a ‘text program,’  through your SMART phone.

3) is a site that creates marketing videos to help take your marketing up a notch!  Each customized video can be placed on your website or used in your social marketing.

Marketing support with these items you can purchase through Amazon or at: 

OK, overwhelmed and need someone to do this for you?   Evans Sales Solutions can help you!  The Bridal Marketing Concierge team works to best suit our wedding business clients by providing them a range of full service marketing techniques and the ‘training’ needed to put your staff at the top for sales and service.  As a solutions-based and results-driven bridal marketing concierge in this fast paced environment, we help to grow your sales and increase your profitability.  Call 805-322-4446 or email:

What makes a good salesperson?

What makes a good salesperson?.


15 Ideas to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business

To blog, send and invitation, create a newsletter, market your company–you’ll need those email addresses. Here are some ideas from Evans Sales Solutions, to start growing your list:

  1. Include and opt-in form on your website, so that you always have immediate results
  2. Create a monthly newsletter, include a sign-up link in your signature to all you emails
  3.  Use Facebook-Host your own group and invite people to it, then post links often. From time to time, post a link to sign up for your newsletter
  4. Bridal Tradeshows: Always bring a calendar and a ‘guest sign up’ book with you on a clipboard (make sure all staff have one) and ask for permission to send an email to those who sign up
  5. Host a ‘Wedding Professional Mixer,’ invite all wedding professionals in your area and invite them to sign up for your newsletter. (They will start referring business to you when you make a good relationship)
  6. Give something for free, like a PDF to help them grow their business? Have the visitors sign up on your ‘opt-in’ form prior to download
  7. Incentivize your employees-Give them $ or ‘points for something great’ for collecting VALID email addresses
  8. SEO-Make sure you optimize your site for keywords.  You need to be at the top of the search when people are looking for you.
  9. Include a ‘forward-to-a-friend link in your emails, just in case they want to forward your information to a someone who will find it interesting
  10. On the phone?  Never hang up without asking for their email address to keep your conversation going
  11. Use LinkedIn: Create a group, join groups and start dialoging
  12. Offer an ‘email only’ discount and don’t use those offers anywhere but email
  13. Use Twitter: Tweat your ‘hosted link’ of your email campaign every time you launch
  14. Bounce-backs: Get them back!  Send a postcard asking for their updated email addresses
  15. Include a forward-to-a-friend link on every page on your site

Need support to do all of this? Go to:

About us: Evans Sales Solution, Inc is a professional bridal marketing, sales and management concierge for those in the wedding industry.  We operate to best suit our client’s needs by providing a complete range of full service marketing techniques.

As a solutions-based and results-driven concierge in today’s fast-paced marketing environment, we aim to simplify the lives of our clients.  By leveraging our wedding business relationships and access networks, we create strategic, specialized and customized plans to bring your wedding business to the next level.  To contact us:

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