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15 Ideas to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business

To blog, send and invitation, create a newsletter, market your company–you’ll need those email addresses. Here are some ideas from Evans Sales Solutions, to start growing your list:

  1. Include and opt-in form on your website, so that you always have immediate results
  2. Create a monthly newsletter, include a sign-up link in your signature to all you emails
  3.  Use Facebook-Host your own group and invite people to it, then post links often. From time to time, post a link to sign up for your newsletter
  4. Bridal Tradeshows: Always bring a calendar and a ‘guest sign up’ book with you on a clipboard (make sure all staff have one) and ask for permission to send an email to those who sign up
  5. Host a ‘Wedding Professional Mixer,’ invite all wedding professionals in your area and invite them to sign up for your newsletter. (They will start referring business to you when you make a good relationship)
  6. Give something for free, like a PDF to help them grow their business? Have the visitors sign up on your ‘opt-in’ form prior to download
  7. Incentivize your employees-Give them $ or ‘points for something great’ for collecting VALID email addresses
  8. SEO-Make sure you optimize your site for keywords.  You need to be at the top of the search when people are looking for you.
  9. Include a ‘forward-to-a-friend link in your emails, just in case they want to forward your information to a someone who will find it interesting
  10. On the phone?  Never hang up without asking for their email address to keep your conversation going
  11. Use LinkedIn: Create a group, join groups and start dialoging
  12. Offer an ‘email only’ discount and don’t use those offers anywhere but email
  13. Use Twitter: Tweat your ‘hosted link’ of your email campaign every time you launch
  14. Bounce-backs: Get them back!  Send a postcard asking for their updated email addresses
  15. Include a forward-to-a-friend link on every page on your site

Need support to do all of this? Go to:

About us: Evans Sales Solution, Inc is a professional bridal marketing, sales and management concierge for those in the wedding industry.  We operate to best suit our client’s needs by providing a complete range of full service marketing techniques.

As a solutions-based and results-driven concierge in today’s fast-paced marketing environment, we aim to simplify the lives of our clients.  By leveraging our wedding business relationships and access networks, we create strategic, specialized and customized plans to bring your wedding business to the next level.  To contact us:

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Resources To Grow Your Wedding Business

At the ‘Bridal Business Boot Camp,’ which takes place all over the country, or as the speaker at a wedding business conference, Chris Evans, wedding business guru, shares top secret techniques to support the growth of your company. 

The resource page on the website: is set up to give you ideas (mostly free) to be the best in the wedding industry that your company can be.

The first selection by Chris to support your company is:

Aweber Autoresponder:  This autoresponder puts an online OR offline business on Auto-Pilot, by sending emails to your mailing lists.  It is used to automate my response to my mailing list, saving your company valuable time.

An auto responder is a very cool software program that allows you to enter a series of newsletters, e-mails or informational snippets, and then it delivers that information in whatever order and schedule you choose.  Autoresponders have helped many businesses is that it simplifies the follow-up of its mailing list members, even just to remind its members of their products or services. 

Evans Sales Solutions uses the Aweber Autoresponder, to send out messages every few days.  When someone subscribes to our website, they will get an immediate response, after they have subscribed. Then it is set up to reach out to those interested at an interval of 2 to 7 days.

Within months of having our Facebook up, we have over 1000+ members.  Our blog is starting to ‘multiple’ by reaching out with the autoresponder to help branch out with our services.

It is used to remind our clients of our latest posts as well as to remind them of my offers of products and services, such as the new ‘BizEBride Mobile app, or the Wedding Watch Newsletter.’  Our team at Evans Sales Solutions, uses it to guide my 1000+ clients to the right resources that they want.

Aweber Autoresponder has been advertising for me, tirelessly, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week/ 365 days a year. It is always on Auto-Pilot.

The first step is to contract with an auto-responder service and set up an account. You can do that by clicking the link below.

Example: Once your account is set up (a five-minute process), you can begin creating a series of e-mails to send to the bride after the show. It’s best to keep each e-mail short and to provide some information about your company. Always close the e-mail by providing a way for the bride to link to you, call you, or register on your page. You will want to create 10 separate e-mails that will be sent to the bride after the show.

My experience shows it’s best to schedule your e-mails as follows:

  • One      each day for five days
  • One      every other day for the next six days
  • One      e-mail 15 days after the show
  • One      final e-mail 20 days after the show

When you meet a bride at the show, part of the registration process will be to record her e-mail address. On your registration form you should have an opt-in box where the bride can give you permission to send her e-mails. Be sure to keep these registration forms on file in the event that there is a question later. There are specific laws that govern sending e-mails to lists. The auto-responder service you choose will provide all the information you need, and by following its guidelines you will be in compliance with the laws.

After the show, simply enter the brides’ e-mail addresses into the system and they will receive the e-mails you set on the schedule you created. The final e-mail in the schedule should tell the bride-to-be that it is the final message she will receive. It’s amazing, but many times that’s enough to stimulate the bride-to-be to respond.

There are many different Autoresponder companies, however, we like Aweber best.  Aweber’s user-friendly user interface works well for newbies and even the experienced marketer. It is easy to maneuver between the options.

If you get your Aweber now, you will be able to:

set up unlimited campaigns
unlimited messages
spam checker
text or html-based messages
manage your subscribers

As an added bonus, Aweber has a referral compensation program as well, so you can benefit by promoting your Aweber, so when you sign up use Evans Sales Solutions, or CLICK LINK BELOW: 
1. Identify a target group you want to market to

2. Come up with at least 10 follow-ups emails

3. The first email is always to welcome your subscriber and with the download of freebies e.g. free report or e-Book

4. Write down the time intervals you want to send these emails

5. Once you got your Aweber account, copy and paste the emails into the message boxes

6. Remember to on the “click-tracking” so that you can know how many of your members have clicked on the links

7. Let it run and you go to sleep

Be sure to use the Chris Evans Link below and check it out for yourself or go to

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